The great diving spots of Thailand

From tourism to Thailand, divers will be the happiest. Indeed, the country and the islands that surround it are famous for having beautiful diving sites. And the discovery is likely to be even more incredible with crystal clear waters. For those seriously considering aquatic tourism in the area, here are some diving spot ideas, which are also recommended by diving professionals.

The most famous places for a dive

Some visitors to Thailand go directly to the main dive sites in the country. On the Thai coasts of 2,500 km, there are already hundreds of divers who admire the incredibly beautiful seabed of the region every year. There is a heavenly landscape with which to dream and the panorama at the bottom of the water is exceptional. For divers, there are thousands of things to discover, wildlife and a very luxuriant flora. There are several coral species that are endemic to the country, as well as fish, especially in the kingdom of Siam, a paradisiacal sea. Several diving spots are located in the Andaman Sea towards the Gulf of Thailand. Access to these sites is free but depends on the season. And diving clubs, the region has several.

Magic in the open sea

In Thailand and its surroundings there are dozens of memorable sites, the most famous of which are Koh Tao which is the meeting point of coral reef lovers, then there is the archipelago of Ang Thong which is a protected area Therefore possesses an interesting nature. Aside from these first two, richelieu rock Thailand is the best dive spot in the country and attracts a host of divers every year. For holidaymakers there are the Similan Islands which are also known for a more than interesting marine environment as it is currently a nature reserve that subjugates more than one. Finally there are the fabulous islands of Surin with these five islands and its location far from mass tourism.